Dec 13

Democrats “Better Deal” for Americans – What We Stand For

Do you wonder what Democrats stand for and what we plan to do for America?  Well, here it is…Democrats “Better Deal” for ALL Americans

#1 Equal Opportunity for ALL

Democrats believe your opportunity shouldn’t be based on how rich your parents are. Government’s role is to unrig the system and level the playing field so all hard working Americans have a chance at the American Dream.  Our policies that support this belief are:

  • Invest in free public education, pre-school through college

  • Invest in American infrastructure for good paying jobs throughout America

  • Invest in renewable energy to create clean, American-based jobs

  • Protect Americans’ rights to collective bargaining for better wages, better benefits and workplace safety

#2 Better Quality of Life for ALL Americans

Democrats believe that the richest nation on the planet should be able to make every American’s life a better quality, and not as hard as it is today to just get by.  Our policies that support this belief are:

  • Universal Health Care (pre-natal through Hospice) – Medicare for ALL

  • Universal Human Rights – freedom from oppression for ALL – NO exceptions

  • Universal Worker’s Rights – living wage through retirement security (Social Security)

  • Universal Safety – Clean water, clean air, safe food, safe medications and yes, gun safety

  • International Diplomacy first, American defense to protect ALL Americans and war only as the last resort

#3 Reform to ensure our democracy for future generations

Democrats believe that we must constantly “perfect our union”.  Our founding fathers established this capability through our Constitution with provisions like Constitutional Amendments, our Judicial system and our fundamental right to vote so we have government of, for and by the people.  Our policies that support this belief are:

  • Get dark money out of our political system by overturning the Supreme Court decision “Citizens United”.  Money is not free speech

  • Continuous Civil and Criminal Justice Reform

  • Return to a Progressive tax system with no loopholes for the most wealthy so we can INVEST in our Country

  • Universal voting so every citizen counts in our democracy

  • Efficient & effective government with transparency, by people who value government’s purpose

  • True Immigration Reform – a 21st Century plan for the “Land of Opportunity”


Nov 11

Big Blue Wave…more to come!

Bright Blue Tues‌day!
Tues‌day’s Election Day was a landslide for Democrats. We recaptured the Governor’s office in New Jersey, giving Democrats another state with Democratic majorities in both Houses of the Legislature and a Democrat in the Governor’s office. In Virginia, our candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, led Virginia Democrats to a clean sweep of the state offices (including electing the first African American statewide official since Douglas Wilder’s historic victory for Governor in 1989). Even more impressively, the House of Delegates contests there went for the Democrats in a landslide, where we picked up at least 14 seats — including electing the first openly transgender Legislator in history — and possibly even captured a majority, pending recounts in five Republican districts.

Democrats also won crucial legislative seats in Georgia. We elected a mayor in Helena, Montana who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Liberia, and we elected the first woman as mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, breaking a 14-year Republican grip on that office. Here in California, the City of Palm Springs elected its first transgender City Councilmember — the first trans person elected to a non-judicial office in our state. Palm Springs also elected its first millennial Councilmember.

And in one of the most consequential election victories of 2017, Democrats recaptured control of the Washington State Senate. California, Oregon, and Washington have formed a Big Blue Wall on the West Coast, and we can work with our brothers and sisters to the north to set the national progressive agenda.

West Coast Blue Wall

Let’s double our efforts to make sure 2017 is a just a down payment on the kinds of victories Democrats will win in 2018!

California Democratic Party e-Newsletter

Nov 09

Democrats win races across the country

Democrats won not just in New Jersey and Virginia but up and down the ticket across the country. Voters handily rejected the Trump-Pence agenda by electing Democrats in states and even districts that Donald Trump won last year. Democrats are moving forward, we (and voters) have put 2016 behind us. See the proof:


Ralph Northam is the governor-elect, Justin Fairfax is lieutenant governor-elect, and Mark Herring was re-elected attorney general.

Democrats flipped at least 14 House of Delegate seats including:

  • Jennifer Carroll Foy (HD-02)
  • Wendy Goodits (HD-10)
  • Chris Hurst (HD-12)
  • Danica Roem (HD-13)
  • Kelly Fowler (HD-21)
  • Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31)
  • David Reid (HD-32)
  • Kathy Tran (HD-42)
  • Lee Carter (HD-50)
  • Hala Ayala (HD-51)
  • Karrie Delaney (HD-67)
  • Dawn Adams (HD-68)
  • Schuyler VanValkenberg (HD-72)
  • Deborah Rodman (HD-73)

New Jersey

Democrats flipped the governor’s seat from red to blue by electing Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver.

Vin Gopal flipped New Jersey’s 11th Senate District from red to blue.

North Carolina

Democrats flipped 2 mayoral seats by electing Vi Lyles in Charlotte and Mitch Colvin in Fayetteville.

New Hampshire

Democrats flipped the Manchester mayoral seat by electing Joyce Craig.

Democrats flipped one seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives by electing Erika Connors to the Hillsborough County District 15 and held the Sullivan County District 1 by electing Brian Sullivan.


Democrats re-elected Mayor Rick Kriseman to be the mayor of St. Petersburg.


Democrats re-elected Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

New York

Democrats re-elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.


Democrats flipped two House districts by electing Deborah Gonzalez (HD-117) and Jonathan Wallace (HD-119).


Democrats held Michigan’s 109th House District by electing Sara Cambensy.

Sabrina Singh, Deputy Communications Director, 310-703-3869, @sabrinasingh24

Oct 17

2017 Fall Fundraiser a huge success!

Christine Pelosi, Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus and Derek Cressman, author of “When Money Talks” spoke on the topic of “How California Can Lead the Nation”.

Marty Walters, CD1 Candidate

Congressional Candidates (CD1 running against Republican Doug LaMalfa), Jessica Holcombe and Marty Walters, gave an update on their campaigns.  Tomas Evangelista, Dreamer, spoke in support of DACA.

Jessica Holcombe, CD1 candidate

Oct 03

Las Vegas Massacre – Action Items

Action Items re: Las Vegas Massacre:

1) Text from your phone “Love Vegas” to 877-877 to speak to your member of Congress and urge them to support responsible gun laws.
Tell Reps. LaMalfa and McClintock that the NRA has gone too far.  Ask them to speak out against “bump stocks”, devices that harnesses the recoil of a semiautomatic firearm to fire several shots in succession, mimicking automatic gunfire and effectively turning a weapon into a machine gun.   And tell them that you support background checks for ALL gun sales.
2) Go to our website and sign our card and add a message of support for the people of Las Vegas. Our team will deliver the signatures.
3) Donate blood today to help the victims. Schedule your appointment today. Go to this website in order to find a place near you:
4) Call California Governor Jerry Brown today at 916-445-2841 to urge him to sign two gun bills on his desk:
AB 785  The Disarm Hate Act – Prevents criminals convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from possessing firearms.
SB 536  Firearm Violence Research – Allows the Department of Justice to make its records available for gun-violence prevention research
 #PrayforVegas          #ENOUGH        #DisarmHate
Becca, Amanda and Anke
Sacramento Valley/Nevada-Placer/Yolo Chapters
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Oct 02

Outstanding talent at “Be the Change” Talent Show September 23rd – Placer County youth (13 to 25)

AADC and Placer County Democratic Party hosted the first annual “Be the Change” Youth Talent Show at the General Gomez Arts & Events Center on Saturday, September 23rd to a standing room only crowd.  Master of Ceremonies J Ross Parrelli did a fabulous job of engaging the audience and performing.  Talent from all over the area (ages 13 to 25) amazed the audience with their performances around the theme “Be the Change” – from the Ghandi quote “Be the change you want to see in the world”.  

AADC is now planning a 2018 “Be the Change” Youth Talent Show.  Date to be announced.

Sep 02

Auburn shows support for Dreamers. Love trumps hate!

September 2nd March & Rally in Auburn to support Dreamers!

Brady Campaign Newsletter


1. Call and email The House Rules Committee on Monday and Tuesday at 202-225-9191 and

Urge the committee to allow amendments to H.R. 38, and to oppose the current “Arm Anyone” concealed carry provisions. Tell them to support, expand and strengthen the background check system instead of efforts to try to undermine it.

2.  Call your Member of Congress at 202-224-3121 (LaMalfa: (202) 225-3076; McClintock: (202) 225-2511)

Tell your Representative to OPPOSE H.R. 38 and concealed carry reciprocity

California has MUCH to lose if Arm Anyone becomes federal law.  Our state has strong safety training and permitting requirements regarding who can carry a loaded, hidden gun in public, but a federal bill, H.R. 38, would force California to recognize concealed carry standards from every other state, even from those with dramatically weaker standards or no permitting and background check requirements at all. 

National law enforcement organizations and the California Police Chiefs Association and California State Sheriffs’ Association oppose H.R. 38.

 Arm Anyone makes the state with the weakest standards into the law of the land.

 People from other states who could not even pass a background check in California – including domestic violence offenders, violent criminals, or those with serious mental illness – would be able carry a concealed, loaded weapon in our state.

Californians who cannot meet the permitting standards in our state – could get an out-of-state permit and carry across the country and back at home

Arm Anyone would override state laws on guns in bars and other places where alcohol is served, along with daycares and other places where children play—and would roll back federal law protecting K-12 schools.

 Arm Anyone does NOT create a consistent national standard regarding who can carry a concealed weapon.

 The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research has found that violent crime rates increase in states who have weakened their concealed carry laws. In fact, states with such laws enacted for 10 years saw a full 10% increase in the murder rate from before the law was passed. 

H.R. 38 just passed out of the House Judiciary Committee on a party line vote. 

The bill will be considered by the House Rules Committee on Wednesday and could get to the House floor later this week.

Call your Representative to state your opposition today!  Vote NO on H.R. 38!

Amanda Wilcox

Nevada-Placer Chapter    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence







Jul 24

Sierra Club pushing for AB262, Buy Clean California Act

Pushing the State to Buy Clean for the Climate

An innovative proposal that would add another tool to California’s toolbox for cutting climate pollution is approaching its last critical vote in the legislature.

Assembly bill 262, the Buy Clean California Act, by Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), is designed to get the state to use its purchasing power in a way that’s consistent with state goals to reduce climate-disrupting pollution.

The bill would require that state agencies that contract for big infrastructure projects, plus the University of California, and the California State University System, take into consideration the greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain when specifying materials to be used in those construction projects.

It combines information disclosure and purchasing requirements to recognize manufacturers who have invested in cutting their climate pollution while making while making any of four common construction materials: steel rebar, structural steel, glass and insulation.

The bill passed in the Assembly with 68 votes in June and has cleared two policy committees in the Senate. It is expected to reach the Senate floor in early September.

The support list reads like a who’s who of environmental and environmental justice groups, labor unions and even manufacturers. The main proponents of the bill are Sierra Club California and the Blue Green Alliance, which is a coalition of labor unions and environmental groups.

More information about the effort is available at If you want to get involved in in-district lobbying for the Buy Clean bill, contact Meg Gunderson at Sierra Club at

Jul 19

Republican 2018 budget proposal – tax breaks for the rich; program cuts for everyone else

While Trump and Republican Congressmen made lots of promises, their 2018 proposed budget funds massive tax breaks for the richest 1% of Americans and corporations and slashes programs that help working families.  Is this what Trump voters believe will make America be great again?  It seems it will only make the richest filthy rich again and further destroy America’s middle class.

Trump and the Republicans have really conned the Trump voters and are hurting the American people. To read more details of their 2018 budget proposal CLICK HERE.