Aug 17

November Election – Democratic positions on Candidates and Propositions

Voters can quickly learn Democratic party positions on the candidates and proposition with these summaries.

The CADEM positions on Federal candidates (President and Senate), plus 17 Propositions on the November ballot – in English and in Spanish.



If you want to know more about the Propositions, read this summary of each Proposition with the CADEM position noted.

Propositions Nov 2016. CADEM Positions


Aug 02

Auburn Democratic Headquarters open in State Theater

aadcopenThe Auburn Area Democratic Club’s Auburn Democratic 2016 Campaign office is open now at the historic State Theater, Suite 204, 985 Lincoln Way.  The office is upstairs (on the right) as you walk into the State Theater entrance.

The Auburn Democratic 2016 Campaign Office has information on and campaign swag for all Democratic candidates and the 17 propositions on the November ballot and can register or re-register voters.

lawnsigns2016swagWeekly Office Open Hours are:

Monday through Friday, 11 am to 2 pm (closed 2-4 pm), open from 4-6 pm

Saturdays from 11 to 4 pm 

Special evening hours are as follows:

Friday, October 14th from 7 to 8:30 pm (before and during Gallagher “63 feeling 33” performance)

Saturday, October 15th from 7 to 8:30 pm (before and during Gallagher “63 feeling 33” performance)

Saturday, October 29th from 7 to 8:30 pm (before and during Elvin Bishop performance)

If you want to volunteer to work in the Auburn Democratic Headquarters, contact either Rosie or Mikey at or or call the office at (530) 537-2210 and leave a message with your name, phone number and interest in volunteering.

Jul 05

Democratic candidates Derlet & Caples join AADC at 4th of July parade in Auburn

Democratic candidates Bob Derlet (running for US House of Representatives in CD4 against Republican Tom McClintock) and Brian Caples (running for California Assembly in AD6 to fill the seat vacated by Beth Gaines) joined our AADC team to celebrate the 4th of July by driving a red truck decorated with lots of Democratic symbols (including Barack and Michelle Obama statues and a stand-in for Bernie Sanders (see him in the photo?)) in the Auburn 4th of July parade.  VOTE DEMOCRATIC in 2016!!!!!


Jun 08

California June 7th Primary Results

Click on this link to get the statewide results of June 7th California primary election:

2016 Primary Election Results

Jun 03

“Everybody Got Choices – VOTE!” by J Ross Parrelli


J Ross Parrelli, Songwriter & musician

AADC has commissioned local songwriter and musician J Ross Parrelli to write a song to inspire Millennials and minorities to vote!

This election year has graphically illustrated the disenchantment Millennials and minorities in this country have for our political process, which is awash in dark money and cronyism.  However, the answer isn’t to give up on our democracy, but to demand it’s return.  To that end, J Ross has created a call to action for Millennials and minorities…take a listen….and if you want more information on J Ross, go to her website.


May 26

CD4 Candidate Derlet on Firearm Safety

Derlet’s Comments on Firearm Safety

Our hearts broke once again last week as we saw so many families facing unspeakable loss because of senseless violence in yet another American city.

I respect the constitution and the rights of gun owners, but as a civilized nation we should feel safe from being gunned down whether we walk in our neighborhoods, attend school, or join friends at large events. The tragedy last week in Orlando Florida should motivate us to do more.

But too many in Congress refuse to consider the safety of ordinary Americans and our children. They sell out to special interest groups. With a new Congress we could have thoughtful and sensible gun policy discussions to keep our communities safe. Your vote this November can make that possible.

I join the millions of Americans calling for common sense gun safety legislation. This includes:

1. No Fly no Buy — If you are on the terror watch list you should not be able to buy a gun!

2. Reinstate the 1994-2004 Federal ban on the sale of assault type weapons.

3. Prevent psychologically unstable individuals from obtaining guns through more rigorous background checks.

4. Allow the Center for Disease Control, National Institute for Health and other Federal agencies to conduct scientific research on firearm safety.

Please donate to the families of victims in Orlando.
Equality Florida is collecting contributions via GoFundMe at:

Please send your friends this link to my website and ask them to join our campaign:

May 26

Common Cause Call to Action – Pass SB1107 for citizen funded elections

1606The Citizens United decision threw our democracy completely out of balance. It tipped the scales wildly in favor of wealthy special interests – but the people are fighting back.

In 2015, from Seattle to Illinois to Maine, voters came together and won major victories. Americans are saying they’ve had enough of big money and are standing up to fight — and WIN.

California, we’re next. Tell your state senator we need a democracy of, by, and for the people. We need to pass SB 1107!

Incredibly, in California, voters are prohibited from passing laws that restore balance to the system through citizen-funded elections. Why? Because political insiders rigged the system almost 30 years ago.

But we can work together to fix it. Senate Bill 1107 would remove the 28-year-old ban on public financing, allowing our state and local governments to amplify the voices of all Californians, not just the super-rich.

If we want things to change in California, we’re going to have to work together make it happen. Tell the Legislature to restore balance to our democracy – pass SB 1107!‎
Clean elections work – we’ve seen it. New York City’s small donor matching funds system revolutionized political giving for municipal races, engaging voters in every part of the city, not just the richest precincts. In Connecticut, 74 percent of all elected officials participate in that state’s Citizen Election Program – Republicans and Democrats alike – with wide acknowledgment that it has shifted the balance of power away from lobbyists and back to the people.

It’s time for California to cut our politicians’ dependence on special interest money. Tell the Legislature to pass Senate Bill 1107.

‎Thanks for all you do for democracy!

Gavin Baker, Open Government Program Manager
and the rest of the team at California Common Cause

Apr 13

Does your CA Representative represent you or corporations?

Here’s a handy website that provides you with information about your current representatives voting score on whether they side with policies favoring citizens or corporations.  It’s called the CourageScore.  Click HERE to check out your representatives score.  Check these scores out before the June 7th Primary election.

Ted Gaines’ (Senate District 1 – Republican) score is: 0 (F) – So, vote for Democrat Rob Rowen in SD1 June 7th!

Brian Dahle (Assembly District 1 – Republican) score is: 6 (F) – Sorry, Brian has no Democratic challenger

Frank Bigelow (Assembly District 5 – Republican) score is: 0 (F) – So, vote for either Democrat Kai Ellsworth or Robert Carabas, running against Bigelow in AD5 June 7th!

Beth Gaines’ (Assembly District 6 – Republican) score is: 0 (F) – So vote for Democrat Brian Caples in AD6 June 7th!



Mar 05

League of Women Voters JUNE Newsletter

Feb 01

Get a free copy of “A Young Person’s Guide to Social Security”

Social Security is the nation’s most successful anti-poverty program and it remains a fundamental pillar of the American economy—one that is critical to the long-term economic security of today’s young people. The National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) and EPI just released an updated and revised version of A Young Person’s Guide to Social Security, a comprehensive 60-page guide written by young authors for students and young workers. The new edition, published jointly by NASI and the Economic Policy Institute, reflects the latest official estimates in the 2015 Social Security Trustees’ report.

Click HERE to download your FREE 60 page “A Young Person’s Guide to Social Security”

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