Jun 25

Four Democratic Challengers to Doug LaMalfa in CD1

Democratic challengers have emerged who plan to kick  Republican Doug LaMalfa out of office in 2018.  For more information about the challengers, click on their name to reach their Facebook page or website.

Dennis Duncan

Jessica Holcombe

Brandon Storment

Marty Walters

Jun 25

The Truth about the Health Care fight – the ACA and the AHCA

A commentary by Sheree DiCicco

The Republican States FOUGHT to stay out of the ACA. That’s WHY their constituents have high deductibles and that is WHY other states ended up having problems. So they’ve been complaining about the very problem THEY created!!!! The history of the facts (and myths) of the ACA: From David H.: “Dave’s not-so-brief history of the ACA When it was a bill, the Republicans were so against it, they made stuff up like death panels for grandparents and told their constituents how it would enslave them to the government. One presidential candidate, now a member of the Trump cabinet, called it the worst thing since slavery. Anyway, the representatives and senators had time to go to their districts and spread these myths because there was plenty of time to discuss the bill on the floor of the House and Senate, which is normal for a big piece of legislation like this. Then it passed, and they tried (and sometimes succeeded) in undermining it. States controlled by Republicans refused to go along with parts of the bill even though it meant a loss of funds and worse health-outcomes for their citizens. The Republicans sued over the bill several times, even as they pointed to tort reform as the way to reduce health costs. The party that usually loves subsidies to big companies stripped out the temporary payments that gave insurance companies some measure of stability in this new marketplace. And so on. The vilification of the bill, even though it was built on lies, helped the Republicans win the House, and immediately, they started voting to repeal the bill, starting in January 2011. They passed some version of repeal some 54 times. Notice that the repeal of the ACA never once included a “replace” part. “Repeal and replace” only came into existence as Obama’s term wound down and the race to replace him heated up. “Replace with what?” Candidate Trump told us only that would be something great, it would cover everything, allow you keep your doctor, lower costs, and be less expensive. Had someone written this wonder bill? No, but some people trusted the flim-flam artist for some reason. Without a bill, he was not able to fulfill his promise to have Congress repeal (and now “replace”) the ACA on the first day of his administration. Instead, he asked the House leadership to do it, but even after 6 years of trying to repeal the ACA, they still had no replacement bill. So they wrote one in haste, and it failed to pass. Trump didn’t read it, but had an opinion. They tried again, making it worse in order to placate the conservative wing of the House, and voting before they got a Congressional Budget Office score. It passed by one vote. The House leadership and the President held a victory party, then a month went by and Trump called it “mean.” Everyone said the Senate would fix the bill, even some House members who voted for it. The Senate decided to do their version in secret with a small group of people and no expert testimony, but somehow ended up with essentially the same thing the House had, and here we are. We all know the bill will cover fewer people, take money out of Medicare, end up causing hospitals (the health care option of last resort) bankruptcies, and so on. But it does have a nifty, and large tax cut, which particularly benefits the very very very wealthy. And that’s why we are here – it’s about taxes. There is some red meat involving Planned Parenthood and contraception, and some “let the states decide” for the libertarians. It’s not about people’s health care, because the health outcomes of this bill will be horrendous for many. It’s certainly not about improving the ACA. It’s not about insuring the fiscal health of the country. It’s not about allowing you to keep your doctor, keeping health care costs down, having less paperwork at the doctor’s office, making sure your insurance covers normal stuff like pregnancy and (shudder) birth control, and so on. The issue is that the Republicans MUST repeal the ACA, even while trying to keep some major popular elements of it, because that’s what everyone’s been campaigning on for 8 years. When you falsely vilify something to the extent the ACA was vilified, that’s the corner you paint yourself into. They don’t have another option because even their voters don’t want to go back to pre-ACA days. The only thing they agree has to go are those taxes. And if you’ve read this far, I give you the moral to the story: There are consequences to crying “wolf” just so you can get elected, but sadly most of them will be suffered by the voters. Call and write your Senators!”

Jun 21

UPDATE from Save Auburn Ravine Salmon And Steelhead


Working with many individuals, agencies and groups, SARSAS has overseen salmon reaching Turkey Creek Golf Course where another NID dam, Hemphill Dam, blocks upstream migration.

Getting salmon some twenty-two miles up the Auburn Ravine to Hemphill Dam started with NOAA Special Agent Don Tanner working with SARSAS personnel to meet with dam owners to remind them flashboard dams must be removed no later than October 15 each year and stay down until April 15 so the Fall salmon run would have access to spawning grounds.

Working with the former General Manager Ron Nelson, in four years we were able to connect with six agencies and gather money from several sources and build a $1.2 M fish ladder over NID’s Lincoln Gauging Station in center of Lincoln, allowing the salmon two miles of spawning gravels, in which 300 salmon spawned the first year and many more each year thereafter. Nothing has been done on Auburn Ravine by NID since then.

South Sutter Water District was able to raise funds to install a fish screen over the Pleasant Grove Canal, about six miles downstream from Lincoln. This screen was installed in 2013 and, according to former SARSAS Board member Ron Ott, should prevent up to 90% of anadromous fishes returning to the Pacific from being entrained in the Canal. The dual conical, self-cleaning screen was built and installed by Daryll Hayes of ISI, Inc.

This installation means a very large percentage of Auburn Ravine smolt will be able to successfully reach the Sacramento River and swim to the Pacific Ocean to mature and return to Auburn Ravine to repeat their cycle.

NOAA Agent Tanner and SARSAS personnel met with the owners of the following dams and the owners agreed to comply to the September 15-April 15 flashboard diversions: the Coppin, Davis, Tom Glenn, Lincoln Ranch Duck Club, Aitken Ranch, Moore, Nelson Lane and the Lincoln Gauging Station.

The Scheiber Dam was removed just below Lincoln and Albert Scheiber installed a conical fish screen paying for it with his own money to prevent salmon entrainment into his canal.

Nevada Irrigation District is still stalling on installation of a fish ladder over the Hemphill Dam, in our judgment completely misusing $177K of taxpayer money granted to NID by CDFW for fish passage over Hemphill. NID submitted a grant application which was approved by CDFW to unnecessarily repeat studies already completely on Auburn Ravine and Hemphill for the sake of delaying Dam removal. SARSAS is exploring legal avenues to correct this problem.

NID is currently focused on building the highly unpopular Centennial Dam on Bear River. Even so, the NID Board of Directors voted at its June 2016 meeting to select Option 4 by Kleinschmidt Construction to remove the Hemphill Dam. The staff of NID under GM Remleh Scherzinger is now delaying saying the dam will not be removed until well into 2020. This delay is an attempt to avoid dealing with Nine Water Rights violations filed against NID by the FWN, hopefully forcing SARSAS to get FWN to remove the Nine Water Rights Protests. Scherzinger in a letter to FWN Negotiator Chris Shutes said when the Nine Water Rights violations were worked out, then NID would focus on removing Hemphill Dam.

He is deal making with taxpayer money and the lives of thousands of salmon and steelhead. Fish are prevented from reaching prime spawning gravels in Auburn Ravine while salmon and steelhead in California face extinction while NID fiddles.

Before salmon can reach Wise Powerhouse, located one mile downstream from Auburn, NID must complete work on removing Hemphill Dam and either removing or providing fish passage over its largest dam on the Auburn Ravine, the Gold Diversion Dam and its Canal.

Once these two dams are addressed, salmon can then reach the richest spawning grounds on the Auburn Ravine. Auburn Ravine, according to a fish count done by California Department of Fish and Game in 2005, has an average of 7,000 salmonids per mile, making it one of the richest streams in Northern California. Opening Auburn Ravine fully to salmon and steelhead spawning would allow thousands of spawnings each year helping to prevent salmon extinction in California.

Once NID’s two dams, Hemphill and Gold Hill, have fish passage installed, the salmon and steelhead can reach Wise Powerhouse, one mile downstream from the City of Auburn.

Once SARSAS finishes getting salmon to Auburn, it will focus its attention of Coon Creek and get the salmon at least to Hidden Falls Regional Park near Auburn.

SARSAS North Ravine Restoration Coordinator Robert Hane is doing miracle work on North Ravine making a prime spawning tributary of Auburn Ravine for salmon and steelhead spawning.

SARSAS is using everything it has to get salmon into the two parks in Auburn as soon as humanly possible.  For more information bout SARSAS, click HERE.

May 28

A Message to Donald Trump from former President of Mexico – Vincente Fox

Listen to Vicente Fox‘s sage advice for President Trump.

May 27

Insights from the California Democratic Party Convention – May 19, 20 and 21

Speakers at the recent California Democratic Party included Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, US Senator Kamala Harris, US Representative Nancy Pelosi and many state officials.  The Convention was also attended by Tom Perez, the newly elected Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  Click here to view videos of the Convention speakers on YouTube.

The attendees were united in their opposition to the Trump Administration and Republican policies, but divisions within the Democratic Party were still evident as the issues from the 2016 election have not been resolved.  Supporters of Bernie Sanders have run for and become Assembly District Representatives to CDP and were extremely vocal, if not always positive, about their demands of CDP.

We are still awaiting the results of the CDP Officer Election as the Chair position is being contested.    Click here to see the Slate of officers elected at the Convention.

May 14

Five Democratic Challengers against McClintock in 2018

Five challengers have already emerged and announced their intent to run against Republican carpetbagger, Tom McClintock, who doesn’t even live in Congressional District 4, which he claims to represent.  Here’s a list of the five challengers.  Click on the name of the candidate for more information:

Regina Bateson

Roza Calderon

Chris Drew

Jessica Morse

Rochelle Wilcox

For more information about these challengers, click on this link to the Auburn Journal article about them.

Apr 27

How California Can Lead the Nation

Announcing AADC’s 14th Annual Fall Fundraiser –

“How California Can Lead the Nation” – Saturday, October 7th

Keynote speakers, Christine Pelosi (Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus) and Delaine Eastin, Gubernatorial Candidate in 2018, will speak on “How California Can Lead the Nation” Saturday, October 7th from 2 to 5 pm at the General Gomez Arts Center.

Tickets are $39 per person, which includes entrance to the event, hors d’oeuvres and one complimentary drink of beer or wine, live music and a Silent Auction.  To purchase tickets, click HERE.

Apr 26

Great crowd at March for Science in Sacramento

Hundreds of people marched at the recent March for Science event in Sacramento to show their support for scientists and what they contribute to our society.

In contrast to the Trump Administration, whose policies deny science and their warnings about our climate change crisis, the Democratic party supports scientific research and investments in environmental sustainability.

Apr 04

Great Trump opposition turnout at McClintock TOWN HALL – April 8th

Mar 12

Tribute to Carol Norberg, Placer County activist, dies at 92

“A Simmering Feminist Who Went Full-throttle”

Carol Norberg, former Roseville resident and long-time Placer County activist died February 13, 2017 in San Leandro, CA. Mark Norberg , her husband of 65 years was at her bedside. She was 92 years and despite recent health challenges had been active till the end. The day before she died she was aggressively working to rent a room in the local library to show a recently purchased DVD on fracking which she felt was a threat to the environment.

Wife, mother, substitute teacher, community activist, firebrand, writer, proud Democrat and generous patron of women organizations and issues, Carol juggled the various hats with unbelievable energy and curiosity. In a recent conversation, she admitted to be a simmering feminist until her children were raised and she well full-throttle. She believed in equality for all, which defined being a feminist. She proudly called her husband Mark a feminist and indeed they were in partnership in all her activities for equality.

She was a proud and committed Democrat. Since naming their first-born after defeated Adlai Stevenson, she and Mark worked campaigns of women and feminist men wherever they lived. They originally joined the Placer County Democratic Central Committee to help a woman candidate they felt was virtually ignored.   That began a long struggle to rebuild the committee and another 13 years of planning meetings, dinners, events, outreach at county fairs, moderated a monthly TV forum Democratic Dialogue; edited the newsletter of the same name ; orchestrated annual dinner and picnic preparations.

She and her husband suggested booths at local fairs, handled the arrangements, designed and set up the booths, then staffed along with volunteers (a growing number each year) for 12 years. They worked to develop clubs, first the Women Democrats of South Placer, then a short-lived Roseville Club, the North Tahoe Club, Sun City Democrats, Hillary Rodham Clinton Fan Club, Democratic Club of South Placer, and the in-process Lincoln Democrats.

While Mark served as chair of the Central Committee for two terms, Carol served as secretary for four, and now, as vice chair. She scheduled successful voter registration drives for party bounty money for the clubs. As Secretary for Women Democrats: Carol Norberg held group together through the thin times; recruited new members and garnered speakers. It was Carol who initiated the Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon that later recognized women in the community who emulated Eleanor Roosevelt’s ideals of community service.

In addition to organizing a Hillary Rodham Clinton fan club, Carol developed displays for Women’s History occasions and coordinated women suffrage parades with Diana Madoshi. Carol later joined the board of the National Women History Project. She also became involved with CEDAW (the U.N. Women’s Treaty) and the CAWA (the California Women’s Agenda) That led to her becoming coordinator for the ratification effort for which she organized a county coalition to persuade city councils to pass resolution in favor of ratification.

In 2005, Carol and Mark Norberg decided to relocate to the Bay Area where three of their four children resided. A big bash was held for them (affectionately referred to as the Godfather & Godmother of Placer Democrats) in Sun City Roseville. Although, the Norberg made the move to the Bay Area, they never severed their connections to Placer Democrats. Carol continued to support women history programs and donate books to libraries as administrator of the Doris Foster Foundation. They attended and supported fundraising events.

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the American Association of University Women and Planned Parenthood are only a few organizations that Carol passionately supported. Ten days before she passed, Carol and Mark attended a Sacramento meeting of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

My last conversation with Carol centered on how proud she was of the re-energized Placer Democrats Clubs, especially the new Placer Women Democrats club, the amazing rally of support for Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s March.

Like many of the foremothers of the women suffrage movement and civil rights movement, Carol Norberg planted and nourished many seeds for others to move us forward in our quest for human dignity and equality for all.

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