May 14

Six Challengers, so far, against McClintock in 2018

Six challengers have already emerged and announced their intent to run against Republican carpetbagger, Tom McClintock, who doesn’t even live in Congressional District 4, which he claims to represent.  Here’s a list of the six challengers, to date:

Regina Bateson

Charlie Brown

Roza Calderon

Chris Drew

Jessica Morse

Rochelle Wilcox

For more information about these challengers, click on this link to the Auburn Journal article about them.

Apr 27

How California Can Lead the Nation

Announcing AADC’s 14th Annual Fall Fundraiser –

“How California Can Lead the Nation” – Saturday, October 7th

Keynote speakers, Christine Pelosi (Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus) and Delaine Eastin, Gubernatorial Candidate in 2018, will speak on “How California Can Lead the Nation” Saturday, October 7th from 2 to 5 pm at the General Gomez Arts Center.

Tickets are $39 per person, which includes entrance to the event, hors d’oeuvres and one complimentary drink of beer or wine, live music and a Silent Auction.  To purchase tickets, click HERE.

Apr 26

Great crowd at March for Science in Sacramento

Hundreds of people marched at the recent March for Science event in Sacramento to show their support for scientists and what they contribute to our society.

In contrast to the Trump Administration, whose policies deny science and their warnings about our climate change crisis, the Democratic party supports scientific research and investments in environmental sustainability.

Apr 04

Great Trump opposition turnout at McClintock TOWN HALL – April 8th

Mar 12

Tribute to Carol Norberg, Placer County activist, dies at 92

“A Simmering Feminist Who Went Full-throttle”

Carol Norberg, former Roseville resident and long-time Placer County activist died February 13, 2017 in San Leandro, CA. Mark Norberg , her husband of 65 years was at her bedside. She was 92 years and despite recent health challenges had been active till the end. The day before she died she was aggressively working to rent a room in the local library to show a recently purchased DVD on fracking which she felt was a threat to the environment.

Wife, mother, substitute teacher, community activist, firebrand, writer, proud Democrat and generous patron of women organizations and issues, Carol juggled the various hats with unbelievable energy and curiosity. In a recent conversation, she admitted to be a simmering feminist until her children were raised and she well full-throttle. She believed in equality for all, which defined being a feminist. She proudly called her husband Mark a feminist and indeed they were in partnership in all her activities for equality.

She was a proud and committed Democrat. Since naming their first-born after defeated Adlai Stevenson, she and Mark worked campaigns of women and feminist men wherever they lived. They originally joined the Placer County Democratic Central Committee to help a woman candidate they felt was virtually ignored.   That began a long struggle to rebuild the committee and another 13 years of planning meetings, dinners, events, outreach at county fairs, moderated a monthly TV forum Democratic Dialogue; edited the newsletter of the same name ; orchestrated annual dinner and picnic preparations.

She and her husband suggested booths at local fairs, handled the arrangements, designed and set up the booths, then staffed along with volunteers (a growing number each year) for 12 years. They worked to develop clubs, first the Women Democrats of South Placer, then a short-lived Roseville Club, the North Tahoe Club, Sun City Democrats, Hillary Rodham Clinton Fan Club, Democratic Club of South Placer, and the in-process Lincoln Democrats.

While Mark served as chair of the Central Committee for two terms, Carol served as secretary for four, and now, as vice chair. She scheduled successful voter registration drives for party bounty money for the clubs. As Secretary for Women Democrats: Carol Norberg held group together through the thin times; recruited new members and garnered speakers. It was Carol who initiated the Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon that later recognized women in the community who emulated Eleanor Roosevelt’s ideals of community service.

In addition to organizing a Hillary Rodham Clinton fan club, Carol developed displays for Women’s History occasions and coordinated women suffrage parades with Diana Madoshi. Carol later joined the board of the National Women History Project. She also became involved with CEDAW (the U.N. Women’s Treaty) and the CAWA (the California Women’s Agenda) That led to her becoming coordinator for the ratification effort for which she organized a county coalition to persuade city councils to pass resolution in favor of ratification.

In 2005, Carol and Mark Norberg decided to relocate to the Bay Area where three of their four children resided. A big bash was held for them (affectionately referred to as the Godfather & Godmother of Placer Democrats) in Sun City Roseville. Although, the Norberg made the move to the Bay Area, they never severed their connections to Placer Democrats. Carol continued to support women history programs and donate books to libraries as administrator of the Doris Foster Foundation. They attended and supported fundraising events.

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the American Association of University Women and Planned Parenthood are only a few organizations that Carol passionately supported. Ten days before she passed, Carol and Mark attended a Sacramento meeting of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

My last conversation with Carol centered on how proud she was of the re-energized Placer Democrats Clubs, especially the new Placer Women Democrats club, the amazing rally of support for Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s March.

Like many of the foremothers of the women suffrage movement and civil rights movement, Carol Norberg planted and nourished many seeds for others to move us forward in our quest for human dignity and equality for all.

Mar 11

Why Obamacare matters!

Learn why Obamacare matters and why we have to save it!

Need more information so you can fight for Obamacare and defend what it has done for Americans?

Then click on this link from the Organize For America team to learn everything you need to know about Obamacare.

Fight for it before we lose it!!!

Feb 24

Over 1500 Indivisible activists overwhelm McClintock Town Hall

Saturday, March 4th Representative Tom McClintock (R) held a Town Hall in El Dorado Hills and was greeted by a noisy crowd of Indivisible activists from all over Congressional District 4  protesting the Trump Administration actions on a number of policies, most specifically repealing the Affordable Care Act.

If you want to join the RESIST TRUMP movement, click on the Indivisible tab on this website and get connected to the movement. 

Feb 04

McClintock Town Hall Protest – Go Forwards, not backwards!

Feb 01

Protest at Rep. Doug LaMalfa’s Auburn Office – Feb. 1st

Watch this short video of our protest to Protect Medicare and MediCal.


Feb 1st Protest at Doug LaMalfa’s Auburn Office

Jan 31

Public input needed into NID re: salmon in Auburn

Getting salmon to Auburn is very important to Auburn’s economy – Provide your input to NID now.

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is blocking Anadromous Fish in Auburn Ravine, which is illegal, and delaying the economic boon salmon spawning in Auburn will bring to the City. NID is a public agency accountable to the public and must operate by rules governing a public agency; whether or not NID so operates is debatable. It website says it is an Independent Public Agency which is a meaningless refinement.
Anyway, a public agency is not a private business. It has a publicly elected Board of Directors and is open to public input and review.

NID just received $177,000 from CDFW toward the removal of Hemphill Dam on Auburn Ravine. NID leadership is now using that money for further needless studies before the dam will be removed as its Board directed. The studies are needless because Hemphill Dam has been studied by county, state and federal agencies since it was rebuilt in 1989 by NID without a permit. It should never have been rebuilt and is still unpermitted and hence illegal; as a result, should be removed without studies. It has illegally blocked upstream migration of anadromous fish since it was originally constructed in 1935.

Not only is NID misusing these funds for unneeded studies, but this delaying is negatively impacting not only the people’s fishes, but also the economy of the City of Auburn, delaying the time the City will have salmon spawning in its two parks, attracting visitors from Highway 80 which passes through the heart of Auburn.

What kind of economic impact will salmon spawning in Auburn have on the city? In speaking with personnel operating Taylor Creek Stream Profile on Highway 89 east of South Lake Tahoe, they have a bright tale to tell of the attraction their Kokanee spawning has for the public. Taylor Creek is miles from Highway 50 and yet during spawning, 10,000 visitors a week pour in to see the Kokanee.
There is an advantageous difference between Auburn and Taylor Creek. The Kokanee in Taylor Creek were accidentally released into Lake Tahoe. They are not native to the Lake and have lived in the Lake for only a few years. Yet, they are a major attractant for visitors and provide robust income to the businesses along Hwy 89.

Now, contrast Taylor Creek to Auburn. Auburn is on Highway 80 with hundreds of thousands of travelers passing Auburn seasonally. When these travelers receive word Auburn has salmon and steelhead spawning in the center of the city a minute off the highway, its businesses could easily add a 100,000 or more visitors a week entering and spending in Auburn.

NID itself is an obstacle to this financial boon to Auburn, because instead of removing Hemphill Dam and providing fish passage over its next upstream obstacle Gold Hill Dam so fishes can reach Wise Powerhouse, one mile from Auburn, it is delaying needlessly, fiddling with addition studies on Hemphill.
No one, including the fishes, is well-served by NID’s deliberate delaying fish passage over its two remaining blockages to upstream anadromous fish passage.

If you want to have a say in what NID is doing with Hemphill Dam and salmon and steelhead in Auburn Ravine, then call General Manager Rem Sherzinger and ask to serve on the Hemphill Advisory Group, because NID is a Public Agency that encourages public involvement. So contact him ( /530-273-6185) to help shape what NID does on the Auburn Ravine and what happens so salmon and steelhead can spawn in the two parks in Auburn.

Speaking of NID’s Gold Hill Dam, which was built in 1853 and contains most of the chemicals used in mining and much residual gold, fish passage will also be delayed for decades or more in NID-think before they remove it.  Actually, since the sediment is so toxic, the obvious procedure is to build a fish ladder, which the original builders provided for with an opening on the north side of the cement construct, but NID will only come to this obvious conclusion after years of “studies”, further delaying the time when Auburn will have salmon spawning in its center if there are salmon/steelhead still in Auburn Ravine.

Since NID is a public agency, it is definitely in need of public input … and guidance.  Send NID some suggestions

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