Feb 24

Over 1500 Indivisible activists overwhelm McClintock Town Hall

Saturday, March 4th Representative Tom McClintock (R) held a Town Hall in El Dorado Hills and was greeted by a noisy crowd of Indivisible activists from all over Congressional District 4  protesting the Trump Administration actions on a number of policies, most specifically repealing the Affordable Care Act.

If you want to join the RESIST TRUMP movement, click on the Indivisible tab on this website and get connected to the movement. 


  1. Jack Sanchez

    Jan, How do I join Auburn Indivisible? Jack
    I am an AADC charter member.

    1. Jan Bell

      Hi Jack, Since AADC is sponsoring the Indivisible Auburn Ca movement, we send our messages to both the AADC Newsletter list and the Indivisible Auburn e-mail list. That said, I’ll add your e-mail to the Indivisible Auburn list for the few times we might send only to the IA list. Do you want me to use the jlsanchez39@gmail.com for both lists (since I have your older e-mail for the AADC Newsletter list)? Jan

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