Jul 24

Sierra Club pushing for AB262, Buy Clean California Act

Pushing the State to Buy Clean for the Climate

An innovative proposal that would add another tool to California’s toolbox for cutting climate pollution is approaching its last critical vote in the legislature.

Assembly bill 262, the Buy Clean California Act, by Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), is designed to get the state to use its purchasing power in a way that’s consistent with state goals to reduce climate-disrupting pollution.

The bill would require that state agencies that contract for big infrastructure projects, plus the University of California, and the California State University System, take into consideration the greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain when specifying materials to be used in those construction projects.

It combines information disclosure and purchasing requirements to recognize manufacturers who have invested in cutting their climate pollution while making while making any of four common construction materials: steel rebar, structural steel, glass and insulation.

The bill passed in the Assembly with 68 votes in June and has cleared two policy committees in the Senate. It is expected to reach the Senate floor in early September.

The support list reads like a who’s who of environmental and environmental justice groups, labor unions and even manufacturers. The main proponents of the bill are Sierra Club California and the Blue Green Alliance, which is a coalition of labor unions and environmental groups.

More information about the effort is available athttp://www.buycleancalifornia.org. If you want to get involved in in-district lobbying for the Buy Clean bill, contact Meg Gunderson at Sierra Club at Meg.Gunderson@sierraclub.org.

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