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1. Call and email The House Rules Committee on Monday and Tuesday at 202-225-9191 and

Urge the committee to allow amendments to H.R. 38, and to oppose the current “Arm Anyone” concealed carry provisions. Tell them to support, expand and strengthen the background check system instead of efforts to try to undermine it.

2.  Call your Member of Congress at 202-224-3121 (LaMalfa: (202) 225-3076; McClintock: (202) 225-2511)

Tell your Representative to OPPOSE H.R. 38 and concealed carry reciprocity

California has MUCH to lose if Arm Anyone becomes federal law.  Our state has strong safety training and permitting requirements regarding who can carry a loaded, hidden gun in public, but a federal bill, H.R. 38, would force California to recognize concealed carry standards from every other state, even from those with dramatically weaker standards or no permitting and background check requirements at all. 

National law enforcement organizations and the California Police Chiefs Association and California State Sheriffs’ Association oppose H.R. 38.

 Arm Anyone makes the state with the weakest standards into the law of the land.

 People from other states who could not even pass a background check in California – including domestic violence offenders, violent criminals, or those with serious mental illness – would be able carry a concealed, loaded weapon in our state.

Californians who cannot meet the permitting standards in our state – could get an out-of-state permit and carry across the country and back at home

Arm Anyone would override state laws on guns in bars and other places where alcohol is served, along with daycares and other places where children play—and would roll back federal law protecting K-12 schools.

 Arm Anyone does NOT create a consistent national standard regarding who can carry a concealed weapon.

 The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research has found that violent crime rates increase in states who have weakened their concealed carry laws. In fact, states with such laws enacted for 10 years saw a full 10% increase in the murder rate from before the law was passed. 

H.R. 38 just passed out of the House Judiciary Committee on a party line vote. 

The bill will be considered by the House Rules Committee on Wednesday and could get to the House floor later this week.

Call your Representative to state your opposition today!  Vote NO on H.R. 38!

Amanda Wilcox

Nevada-Placer Chapter    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence







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