Jul 30

Brady Campaign Newsletter

1. Oppose HR 38 (Arm Anyone) and Town Halls

The current congressional recess is a good time to pressure our U.S. Representatives to oppose HR 38 (Arm Anyone Concealed Carry).  The bill would force California to recognize permits to carry loaded, hidden guns issued by other states, even by those states with virtually nopermitting standards and weak gun laws.  HR 38 would undermine California’s strong gun laws.  Recognizing this, the Calif. Police Chiefs Association and the Calif. State Sheriffs’ Association are opposing the bill.  If you are attending a Town Hall, be sure to ask about gun issues and HR 38.  Representatives LaMalfa, McClintock and Bera need to hear our opposition to HR 38!

You can read Brady’s Policy Fact Sheet opposing this dangerous bill here.  A flyer and Town Hall cards with sample questions are attached.

Read more about concealed carry:

Be skeptical about claims of benefits of concealed carry permits

Guns Make Us Safe? NRA Theory Debunked in New Stanford Analysis

2. State legislation Update

The California legislature is still on summer recess but things will ramp up quickly when the legislature reconvenes next week.  Stay tuned for action alerts on our priority bills, including the Disarm Hate Act.

3. We are saddened by the violence in Charlottesville.  Among many important issues, the protests highlighted the problem of armed activists:

The Chilling Effects of Openly Displayed Firearms

How Charlottesville May Change the Debate Over Armed Militias and Open Carry

Best regards,

Amanda Wilcox, Nevada-Placer Chapter Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence




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