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California 2018 Election


 [ Jerry Brown (D)* – Incumbent – Term Limited in 2018. ]
Akinyemi Agbede (D) – Mathematician, 2014 Candidate & 2016 US Sen. Candidate
Travis Allen (R) – State Assemblyman & Financial Planner
Daniel Amare (R)
David Asem (D) – Video Producer & Computer Engineer
Stasyi Barth (R) – USAF Veteran & Immigration Reform Activist
Michael Bilger (NPA) – Businessman
Andy Blanch (NPA) – Staffing Professional
Michael Bracamontes (D) – Attorney

Scooter Braun (D) – Talent Manager, Record Label Owner & Businessman

Juan Bribiesca (D) – Retired Physician
John-Leslie Brown (R) – Motivational Speaker
David Bush (NPA)
Christopher Carlson (Green)
John Chiang (D) – State Treasurer, Ex-State Controller, Ex-State Board of Equalization Member & Attorney
John Cox (R) – Businessman, Attorney & Frequent Candidate
Peter Crawford-Valentino (NPA) – Conspiracy Theorist
Ted Crisell (D) – Businessman & 2014 Candidate
Brian Domingo (R) – Building Contractor & Businessman
Delaine Eastin (D) – Ex-State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ex-State Assemblywoman & Educator
Yvonne Girard (R) – Judicial Assistant, USAF Veteran, 2010 Lt Gov Candidate & 2014 US Rep. Candidate
Rosey Grier (R) – Ex-Pro Football Player, Minister, Actor, Singer & Author
Grant Handlik (NPA) – Businessman & Ex-Commercial Diver
Matthew Houston (NPA) – Computer Programmer
Zoltan Istvan (Libertarian) – Author, Philosopher, Ex-Journalist & 2016 Presidential Candidate
Analila Joya (NPA) – Frequent Candidate
Harmesh Kumar (D) – Psychologist
Joshua Laine (NPA) – Law Student, Businessan & USMC Veteran
Peter Liu (R) – Insurance Agent & Disabled Army Veteran

Chad Mayes (R) – State Assemblyman, Ex-Assembly Minority Leader & Ex-Yucca Valley Town Councilman

Jacob Morris (R) – Businessman
Robert Newman II (R) – Psychologist, Farmer, University Instructor & Frequent Candidate
Gavin Newsom (D) – Lt. Governor, Ex-San Francisco Mayor & Businessman
Timothy Richardson (NPA)
Boris Romanowsky (NPA) – Private Investigator & Parole Agent
H. Fuji Shioura (NPA) – Pastor & 2016 US Rep. Candidate
Lindsey Neil Shortland (NPA)
Laura Smith (R) – Conservative Activist

Tom Steyer (D) – Hedge Fund Manager, Philanthropist & Envirnomental Activist

Scot Sturtevant (NPA) – Healthcare Consultant & Ex-Paramedic
Klement Tinaj  (D) – Actor & Martial Arts Instructor
James Tran (NPA)
Antonio Villaraigosa (D) – Ex-Los Angeles Mayor, Ex-State Assembly Speaker & Ex-Los Angeles City Councilman
Frederic Prinz von Anhalt (NPA) – Businessman, Widower of Zha Zha Gabor & Frequent Candidate
Mavrick von Haug (R) – Actor & Movie Stuntman

Steve Westly (D) – Ex-State Controller, Venture Capitalist, Ex-Internet Executive & 2006 Candidate

Nickolas Wildstar (Libertarian) – Anonymous Movement Revolutionary Activist & 2014 Candidate

Lieutenant Governor

[ Gavin Newsom (D)* – Candidate for Governor in 2018. ]
Tom Berryhill (R) – State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman & Farmer

Jeff Bleich (D) – Ex-US Amb. to Australia, Ex-CSU Board Chair & Ex-State Bar Assoc. President

Anthony Cannella (R) – State Sen. & Ex-Ceres Mayor

Marjan Fariba (D) – Businesswoman
David Fennell (R) – Venture Capitalist
Tim Ferreira (L) – Utility Industry Consultant
Ed Hernandez (D) – State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman & Optometrist
Eleni Kounalakis (D) – Ex-US Amb. to Hungary, San Francisco Port Commissioner & Businesswoman
Asif Mahmood (D) – Physician
Matthew Rizzie (D) – Attorney & Psychologist

Secretary of State

Alex Padilla (D)*(Campaign Site)
Ruben Major (D) – EMT Instructor & Businessman
Mark Meuser (R) – Journalist, Attorney, Conservative Activist & 2012 State Sen. Candidate

State Controller

Betty Yee (D)*(Campaign Site)
Ashley Swearengin (R) – Ex-Fresno Mayor, Ex-Economic Development Executive & 2014 Nominee

State Treasurer

[ John Chiang (D)* – Candidate for Governor in 2018. ]
David Evans (R) – Accountant, Realtor & ’10/’14 Candidate
Mike Gatto (D) – Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney & Ex-Congressional Aide
Fiona Ma (D) – State Bd of Equalization Chair, Ex-State Assemblywoman & Ex-San Francisco Supervisor

Attorney General

Xavier Becerra (D)*(Campaign Site)
Steven Bailey (R) – Retired Superior Court Judge, Attorney & Ex-State Legislative Aide
Eric Early (R) – Attorney
Dave Jones (D) – State Insurance Commissioner, Ex-State Assemblyman & Ex-Sacramento Councilman

Insurance Commissioner

[ Dave Jones (D)* – Candidate for Attorney General in 2018. ]
Peter Kuo (R) – Insurance Agency Owner & Frequent Candidate
Ricardo Lara (D) – State Sen. & Ex-Legislative Aide

Tony Mendoza (D) – State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman, Ex-Artesia City Councilman & Ex-Teacher

Paul Song (D) – Physician & Progressive Activist

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

(Note: Superintendent is a Non-Partisan Positition)
[ Tom Torlakson (D)* – Term-Limited in 2018. ]
Karen Blake (NPA) – Geologist, Ex-Teacher & ’10 Candidate
Tony Thurmond (D) – State Assemblyman, Ex-Richmond City Councilman & Ex-Local School Board Member
Marshall Tuck (D) – Ex-Charter School System CEO, Businessman & ’14 Candidate

State Assembly (AD1, AD5, AD6)

AD5 – Carla J. Neal (D)

AD6 – Jackie Smith (D)

State Senate (SD4)

Ballot Measures (click on the ballot to read the text):

ACA 5 – Motor Vehicle fees and taxes; restrictions on expenditures; appropriations limit.

ACA1 – Greenhouse Gas Reduction Reserve Fund

SB5 – California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018

ACA17 – Ballot Measures; effective date

SB3 – Veterans & Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 (November 6th ballot)

Placer County Supervisors (seats up for re-election in 2018):

Jack Duran, Placer County Board of Supervisors  (District 1) – 2018 Declared candidate

Robert M. Weygandt, Placer County Board of Supervisors (District 2 – Roseville)

City of Auburn – City Council Members (seats up for re-election in 2018):

Mayor Matt Spokely

Vice Mayor Bridget Powers

City Council Member Daniel Berlant