Stop SB 1092 – Removes prohibition for gun silencers



Dear Nevada-Placer Brady Friend,

Senator Joel Anderson introduced a bill, SB 1092, to be heard in the California state Senate Public Safety Committee next Tuesday, which will remove the current state prohibition on silencers for guns longer than 16 inches.

In a high profile series of 2013 shootings that resulted in four deaths in Southern California, the shooter, an ex-military and disgruntled former law enforcement officer, used an AR-15 with a silencer to assassinate innocent people and successfully elude detection for a time. This type of weapon is the kind of gun that could be equipped with a silencer. I know you agree that silencers should not be legal in California for any gun. Further, many of our cities are successfully using shot detection technologies to detect and quickly dispatch officers to a location when shots are fired to investigate and prosecute illegal gun use to prevent gun violence. Silencers muffle and diffuse the sound of gunfire, and can make it harder for police, shot detection technologies, and the public in general to most effectively detect the location of where the shots were fired from, and how best to respond and protect against it.

Please contact all of the committee members on the Senate Public Safety Committee today by email in advance of Tuesday’s vote, and tell them to vote NO.

Thank you,
Amanda Wilcox
Legislation & Policy Chair,
California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Email the Committee!

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