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Call LaMalfa or McClintock and demand Trump’s tax returns

MAKE A CALL >> We deserve a full accounting of Donald Trump’s assets, and Congress must make him release his tax returns.
Call Rep. Doug LaMalfa (202) 225-3076 today.

For 40 years, every major party nominee for president has released their tax returns. Until Donald Trump. Congress has the power to make Trump release his tax returns — and if he doesn’t come clean with the American people, our elected representatives must force him to.

Take Action! Without a full accounting of Donald Trump’s assets and debts, we have no way to find out the full extent of his potential conflicts of interest — or hold him accountable for them. And if hiding in his tax returns is more evidence of his ties to Russia, We The People deserve to see them.

Congress has a constitutional duty to serve as a check and balance on the President’s power — but so far, this co-equal branch of government is not living up to its responsibility. We must demand Congress put country before party and do everything in its power to hold President Trump accountable.

If you want to know what’s in President Trump’s tax returns, your phone call could make the difference.
Please call Doug LaMalfa (202) 225-3076 or Tom McClintock (202) 225-2511 today and tell them to support the Presidential Tax Transparency Act of 2017 to publicly disclose President Trump’s tax returns.

Thanks for all you do,
Aaron Scherb, Director of Legislative Affairs
and the team at Common Cause