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Call you Senator – disrupt flow of illegal guns

Preventing the flow of illegal guns into California is critical to public safetyFirearms purchased in large quantities are 64% more likely to be used in crimes. That’s why, since 2000, handgun purchases in our state have been limited to no more than one per person per month.

But the same cap does not apply to rifles and shotguns. And it should. Someone has actually purchased 177 so-called “long guns” in one month. Who needs that many weapons?

Today, long guns are increasingly being used in crimes. It’s time to update our laws to curb the illegal flow of both handguns and long guns alike.

SB 497 will put a limit on the number of new rifles and shotguns that can be purchased in California each month. Limiting new firearm sales to one gun per month is a recognized strategy to reduce gun trafficking and keep firearms out of dangerous hands.

Call your Senator today and urge them to vote YES on SB 497 to disrupt the flow of illegal guns in our state.

Thanks for all you do,

Peggy McCrum
President, California Chapters, Brady Campaign