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Apr 27

How California Can Lead the Nation

Announcing AADC’s 14th Annual Fall Fundraiser – “How California Can Lead the Nation” – Saturday, October 7th –  To purchase tickets, click HERE.   Keynote speakers, Christine Pelosi (Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus) and Derek Cressman, political reform advocate and author, will speak on “How California Can Lead the Nation” Saturday, October 7th …

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Apr 26

Great crowd at March for Science in Sacramento

Hundreds of people marched at the recent March for Science event in Sacramento to show their support for scientists and what they contribute to our society. In contrast to the Trump Administration, whose policies deny science and their warnings about our climate change crisis, the Democratic party supports scientific research and investments in environmental sustainability.

Apr 04

Great Trump opposition turnout at McClintock TOWN HALL – April 8th

Mar 11

Why Obamacare matters!

Learn why Obamacare matters and why we have to save it! Need more information so you can fight for Obamacare and defend what it has done for Americans? Then click on this link from the Organize For America team to learn everything you need to know about Obamacare. Fight for it before we lose it!!!

Jun 03

“Everybody Got Choices – VOTE!” and “Don’t Boo, VOTE!”

This election year has graphically illustrated the disenchantment Millennials and minorities have for our political process – they complain about dark money and cronyism.  However, the answer isn’t to give up on our democracy, but to demand it’s return! President Obama has challenged us – “Don’t boo, VOTE!” – so check out the information on the flyer …

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Dec 05

Sierra College’s Puente Club attends AADC Meeting

December 3rd Sierra College’s Reyes Ortega and the Puente Club attended AADC’s meeting to discuss their program and to exchange ideas of how to increase voter turnout in the Latino community.  The Puente Club presented AADC’s President, Sunny Carraway, and AADC’s Voter Registration Chair, Paul Comiskey, with Puente Club T-shirts (see photo).  Both groups agreed to work …

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Oct 29

Oil Trains rolling through Auburn – at what risk?

Did you know that oil trains traverse our little town of Auburn?  Did you know that these trains pose a danger to our families and our property? If you want to know if your home is in an “Oil Train Blast Zone”, click on this link and type in your address: Oil Train Blast Zones …

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