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May 27

Nevada-Placer Brady Campaign – ASK day (Asking Saves Kids)

Join us at this Wednesday’s press conference!  Wear your Brady t-shirt if you have one.  I will have extra shirts with me.  On Monday, the California State Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 62, which named June 21st, the first day of summer, as Asking Saves Kids (ASK) day. WHAT:   Press conference reminding parents this summer …

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May 27

Insights from the California Democratic Party Convention – May 19, 20 and 21

Speakers at the recent California Democratic Party included Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, US Senator Kamala Harris, US Representative Nancy Pelosi and many state officials.  The Convention was also attended by Tom Perez, the newly elected Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  Click here to view videos of the Convention speakers on YouTube. The attendees were …

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May 14

Five Democratic Challengers against McClintock in 2018

Five challengers have already emerged and announced their intent to run against Republican carpetbagger, Tom McClintock, who doesn’t even live in Congressional District 4, which he claims to represent.  Here’s a list of the five challengers.  Click on the name of the candidate for more information: Regina Bateson Roza Calderon Chris Drew Jessica Morse Rochelle Wilcox …

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Apr 04

Great Trump opposition turnout at McClintock TOWN HALL – April 8th

Mar 11

Why Obamacare matters!

Learn why Obamacare matters and why we have to save it! Need more information so you can fight for Obamacare and defend what it has done for Americans? Then click on this link from the Organize For America team to learn everything you need to know about Obamacare. Fight for it before we lose it!!!

Feb 01

Protest at Rep. Doug LaMalfa’s Auburn Office – Feb. 1st

Watch this short video of our protest to Protect Medicare and MediCal.   Feb 1st Protest at Doug LaMalfa’s Auburn Office

Jan 31

Public input needed into NID re: salmon in Auburn

Getting salmon to Auburn is very important to Auburn’s economy – Provide your input to NID now. Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is blocking Anadromous Fish in Auburn Ravine, which is illegal, and delaying the economic boon salmon spawning in Auburn will bring to the City. NID is a public agency accountable to the public and must operate by …

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Jan 02

Saturday January 21st March on Sacramento

Women’s March on Sacramento – Saturday January 21st, in solidarity with the March on Washington D.C. – some photos to see what it was like if you couldn’t make it…..marvelously peaceful and upbeat, but resistant to the Trump Agenda.   The first photo is from the Capitol looking down toward the Tower Bridge – alive with protestors. …

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Jun 03

“Everybody Got Choices – VOTE!” and “Don’t Boo, VOTE!”

This election year has graphically illustrated the disenchantment Millennials and minorities have for our political process – they complain about dark money and cronyism.  However, the answer isn’t to give up on our democracy, but to demand it’s return! President Obama has challenged us – “Don’t boo, VOTE!” – so check out the information on the flyer …

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May 26

Common Cause Call to Action – Pass SB1107 for citizen funded elections

The Citizens United decision threw our democracy completely out of balance. It tipped the scales wildly in favor of wealthy special interests – but the people are fighting back. In 2015, from Seattle to Illinois to Maine, voters came together and won major victories. Americans are saying they’ve had enough of big money and are …

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