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Jan 23

Sacramento’s Women’s March a HUGE success

Just look at these pictures and they say it all – this year’s Women’s March in Sacramento (and around the nation) was more successful and focused than in 2017.  Momentum is building to resist the extreme Trump agenda. In 2017 we marched, in 2018 we RUN!!!  You have until March 9th to file for statewide …

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Dec 13

Democrats “Better Deal” for Americans – What We Stand For

Do you wonder what Democrats stand for and what we plan to do for America?  Well, here it is…Democrats “Better Deal” for ALL Americans #1 Equal Opportunity for ALL Democrats believe in leveling the playing field so opportunities are open to everyone, not just the rich.  Government should invest in our people so all hard …

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Nov 11

Big Blue Wave…more to come!

Bright Blue Tues‌day! Tues‌day’s Election Day was a landslide for Democrats. We recaptured the Governor’s office in New Jersey, giving Democrats another state with Democratic majorities in both Houses of the Legislature and a Democrat in the Governor’s office. In Virginia, our candidate for Governor, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, led Virginia Democrats to a clean …

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Nov 09

Democrats win races across the country

Democrats won not just in New Jersey and Virginia but up and down the ticket across the country. Voters handily rejected the Trump-Pence agenda by electing Democrats in states and even districts that Donald Trump won last year. Democrats are moving forward, we (and voters) have put 2016 behind us. See the proof: Virginia Ralph …

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Oct 03

Las Vegas Massacre – Action Items

Action Items re: Las Vegas Massacre: 1) Text from your phone “Love Vegas” to 877-877 to speak to your member of Congress and urge them to support responsible gun laws. Tell Reps. LaMalfa and McClintock that the NRA has gone too far.  Ask them to speak out against “bump stocks”, devices that harnesses the recoil …

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Oct 02

Outstanding talent at “Be the Change” Talent Show September 23rd – Placer County youth (13 to 25)

AADC and Placer County Democratic Party hosted the first annual “Be the Change” Youth Talent Show at the General Gomez Arts & Events Center on Saturday, September 23rd to a standing room only crowd.  Master of Ceremonies J Ross Parrelli did a fabulous job of engaging the audience and performing.  Talent from all over the …

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Sep 02

Auburn shows support for Dreamers. Love trumps hate!

September 2nd March & Rally in Auburn to support Dreamers!

Brady Campaign Newsletter

   1. Federal Concealed Carry Reciprocity – Update and Actions ●       An amended version of H.R. 38 , terrible “Arm Anyone” Concealed Carry legislation, passed the House last week on a narrow 33 vote margin, mostly along party lines, 231-198. Please thank Representatives who opposed H.R. 38 and express your deep disappointment with those Representatives …

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Jul 24

Sierra Club Bulletin – Protecting California’s Coastline

Capitol Voice Bulletin – January 14, 2018 Just two days after this year’s state legislative session began this month, the 45thpresident took action that helped make sure California’s oil dependence would be debated as part of the year’s top environmental legislation. The Trump Administration announced plans to open offshore oil drilling leases in six locations stretched …

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Jun 21

UPDATE from Save Auburn Ravine Salmon And Steelhead

SARSAS ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS OF JUNE 2017 Working with many individuals, agencies and groups, SARSAS has overseen salmon reaching Turkey Creek Golf Course where another NID dam, Hemphill Dam, blocks upstream migration. Getting salmon some twenty-two miles up the Auburn Ravine to Hemphill Dam started with NOAA Special Agent Don Tanner working with SARSAS personnel to …

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