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Aug 20

Wednesday August 23rd – Rally for CA’s DISCLOSE ACT!

Rally for AB 249 on Wednesday! Resist Big Money in politics by rallying next Wednesday to demand that the Senate Rules Committee schedule AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act, for a vote! See Details and Register NOW! Can’t make it? Give $3 to Help Others Go! Rally for the California DISCLOSE ACT! — Demand a vote against Dark …

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Jul 30

Brady Campaign Newsletter

1. Oppose HR 38 (Arm Anyone) and Town Halls The current congressional recess is a good time to pressure our U.S. Representatives to oppose HR 38 (Arm Anyone Concealed Carry).  The bill would force California to recognize permits to carry loaded, hidden guns issued by other states, even by those states with virtually nopermitting standards …

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Jul 24

Sierra Club pushing for AB262, Buy Clean California Act

Pushing the State to Buy Clean for the Climate An innovative proposal that would add another tool to California’s toolbox for cutting climate pollution is approaching its last critical vote in the legislature. Assembly bill 262, the Buy Clean California Act, by Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), is designed to get the state to use its purchasing …

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Jun 21

UPDATE from Save Auburn Ravine Salmon And Steelhead

SARSAS ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS OF JUNE 2017 Working with many individuals, agencies and groups, SARSAS has overseen salmon reaching Turkey Creek Golf Course where another NID dam, Hemphill Dam, blocks upstream migration. Getting salmon some twenty-two miles up the Auburn Ravine to Hemphill Dam started with NOAA Special Agent Don Tanner working with SARSAS personnel to …

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Mar 12

Tribute to Carol Norberg, Placer County activist, dies at 92

“A Simmering Feminist Who Went Full-throttle” Carol Norberg, former Roseville resident and long-time Placer County activist died February 13, 2017 in San Leandro, CA. Mark Norberg , her husband of 65 years was at her bedside. She was 92 years and despite recent health challenges had been active till the end. The day before she …

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Feb 24

Over 1500 Indivisible activists overwhelm McClintock Town Hall

Saturday, March 4th Representative Tom McClintock (R) held a Town Hall in El Dorado Hills and was greeted by a noisy crowd of Indivisible activists from all over Congressional District 4  protesting the Trump Administration actions on a number of policies, most specifically repealing the Affordable Care Act. If you want to join the RESIST …

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Feb 04

McClintock Town Hall Protest – Go Forwards, not backwards!

Nov 17

Donald Trump’s 100 day Plan

Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days November 9, 20163:45 PM ET Amita Kelly 2016  Barbara Sprunt 2016  BARBARA SPRUNT At the end of October, Donald Trump spoke in Gettysburg, Pa., and released a plan for his first 100 days in office. The plan (below) outlines three main areas …

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Nov 17

California’s Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, what the repeal of “Obamacare” means to Americans

“Repeal and Replace” of the Affordable Care Act threatens more than 20 million Americans with death and despair. Over 20 million Americans who were uninsured now have health insurance thanks to the ACA. President-Elect Trump and Republican leaders in Congress propose to repeal the ACA. And replace it with health savings accounts which are not …

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May 26

Common Cause Call to Action – Pass SB1107 for citizen funded elections

The Citizens United decision threw our democracy completely out of balance. It tipped the scales wildly in favor of wealthy special interests – but the people are fighting back. In 2015, from Seattle to Illinois to Maine, voters came together and won major victories. Americans are saying they’ve had enough of big money and are …

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