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February 2017 AADC Newsletter

Auburn Area Democratic Club E-News
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February, 2017

AADC Presents:
“Topics of Community Interest”
7 pm at the Beecher Room, Placer Co. Library, 350 Nevada St., Auburn- Free, open to all

The Auburn Area Democratic Club is an organization dedicated to informing the public and advancing democratic ideals. AADC holds open public meetings on the 1st Thursday evening of each month featuring our “Topics of Community Interest” presentations.

AADC has members from the City of Auburn and its surrounding area, including Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, North Auburn and Newcastle. Membership is $25 per year. Democrats can learn more about the Club, subscribe to our AADC monthly newsletter and join by going to the website http://www.auburndemocrats.com

March 2, 2017, 6:45 pm meeting speakers
Immigration Panel of experts

Under the new Trump Administration, Americans are worried about:
– What is the current standing of DACA – will innocent children and young adults be deported?
– What will happen to children left behind if their parent is deported?
– What are Sanctuary Cities and how will they deal with the Trump Agenda?
– What is California Senate Bill 54 “Sanctuary California”?

For the first time in over half a century, we have people in our country afraid of what the US government will do to them. If you share their concerns, come to the March 2nd AADC meeting to hear from knowledgeable speakers about these immigration issues:
Carlos Quiroz, Executive Director of the Latino Leadership Council – will address Latino Community issues
– Thomas Evangelista – will speak on DACA issues
– Ed Morgano, Placer People of Faith Together – will speak on Sanctuary Cities

The presentation by this impressive list of speakers will also include the ACTION YOU CAN TAKE about this situation – phone calls you can make, protest you can attend, etc. So, see you there!!


As you may be aware, local DACA recipients, Tomas Evangelista and Doris Romero have been speaking to various groups and local govern-ment organizations (Placer County Supervisors and Auburn City Council) concerning their status as DACA recipients. Here is a link to a story in the Auburn Journal regarding his presentation.

On Monday, February 27th, he will be again addressing the Auburn City Council asking for the City of Auburn to proclaim that they will respect the separation of responsibility between local and federal government, and that the Auburn Police Department will not act as agents for ICE. He has asked for supporters to attend the meeting in a show of solidarity with DACA recipients in our area.
I am asking for you to share news of this event so that the city council is aware of how the community of Auburn supports these young people in their quest to become full-fledged American citizens. I will provide any additional information to you as I get it.
Thank you,
Tomas Vera dadkind@gmail.com

For expanded calendar, see AADC web site Events: http://www.auburndemocrats/index/calendar

Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, 7:00 am, Auburn City Council meeting, DACA appeal

Thursday, March 2, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm Celebrity Chefs; Placer County Fairgrounds (Placer Building), 1273 High St., Auburn

Thursday, March 2, 2017, 7:00 pm, AADC meeting, Immigration panel

Saturday, March 4 at 9 am, Voter Registration Committee meeting, Depoe Bay Coffee Company

AADC office ad hoc committee
The ad hoc committee for seeking a permanent office for the AADC is beginning its efforts to explore that possibility. The major criteria are that it be in a visible locale in Auburn and that it be reasonably priced. We are thinking outside the box. It would be great to have some space in the office of another organization or a friendly business or even the front room of someone’s home or their cottage or garage. We could come up with some money to defray the cost of our presence. We could contribute some paint, carpentry and sweat equity as well as furniture, carpets and other donated items. Maybe you know of an allied organization or two who would like to share space with us. If you have an idea or see a space you think might work feel free to investigate and let us know. Members of the ad hoc committee are Paul Comiskey, Mark Rosen, Jan Bell and Sunny Carraway.

Paul Comiskey, chair, paulcomiskey@hotmail.com

California Democratic Party Convention – May 19-21 in Sacramento – Volunteers needed!

Want to better understand how the California Democratic Party (CDP) runs and gets things done? Want to know first hand who is elected as the new Chair of the CDP? You have a great opportunity this year to volunteer to work at the CDP Convention as it is being held in Sacramento in May. CDP needs 500 volunteers to help run the Convention, and they get this many volunteers quickly as volunteers get in FREE to the Convention (while Delegates have to pay fees!). So don’t hesitate, or all the volunteer slots will be filled.

President’s Message

Talk about action! There is so much going on it is a challenge to keep up with it. As most you know, our own Indivisible Auburn staged a very successful recruitment meeting- Expo on Tuesday at the General
Gomez Arts and Event Center. We had about 500 attendees and sign-ups to be activists in our effort to resist the Trump Republican agenda. It is very hearten-ing for us all to realize that we are in fact not alone. We are a force to be reckoned with. As in past movements (civil rights comes to mind), our standing up to be heard will have an impact for good that we will be proud of. The torrent of pronouncements that we see emanating from the White House are intimidating when we think of our own power as individuals, but the power of “us”, the 10’s of thousands of us, is real in our democracy.
What can you do now? Make sure you are registered with Indivisible Auburn CA. You can sign up at the AADC monthly meeting on March 2nd. That will put you on our weekly Alert that comes out every Monday telling you what the actions are for that week. You can also keep up on our AADC Facebook page, Indivisible Auburn CA Facebook page and the AADC web site .
With that information you will see that there is a lot to do, too much if you try to do everything. You can’t do everything, but it is important to do something. Make a call, send an email, write a letter, visit your congressman, join a protest. It doesn’t have to be big all the time, but it is important to do something every week.
I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting on Thursday to continue talking about this.

Mark Rosen, President

Editor’s Corner
In this intense season of activism

There is no dearth of activities for anyone interested in pushing back and making a difference in our rapidly changing political environment. Across the country local groups of Indivisible are holding their congresspersons’ feet to the fire, and town halls are not the nice, comfy pep rallies for politicians that they used to be. The abrupt turnaround of GOP thinking about what they will be allowed to do with ACA (Obamacare) is our first indicator of the effectiveness of our pushback efforts.

Our next big push underway is against GOP privatization of Medicare and Social Security, and we are beginning to make inroads in this area as well. This will be a tough battle for some time though, since the GOP has salivated for decades over getting the opportunity to take these critical services out of the hands of the federal government. It will require all of our strength and perseverance to win this one.

While venting our post-election frustrations by confronting (or attempting to) our congresspersons is making a difference, there are other very important ways in which we should be fighting this battle. Over the last three decades there has been an increasing number of online groups, some political and some non-partisan, which have been lobbying for “blue values” of all types, from health care and Social Security to ecology/ environment/alternative energy sources, regulation of food, water and drug standards, education, rational gun/ammunition laws, social and financial equality, public lands, flora and fauna protection and a host of other issues which we find so important.

In an effort to elicit as much activism as possible, AADC will greatly expand its focus on providing information on lobbying online via these groups. This is something I have done faithfully for a quarter of a century, and I am seeing real results. We will be relying more and more heavily on these groups, some of which, in the era of Citizens United, are finding it necessary to bring lawsuits to accomplish our objectives. In a Trump-oriented world this may be our only weapon, and already it is working.

The AADC newsletter, its web page and Facebook page will be coordinating more intensively on providing timely information and easy access to sites for these groups so that you can add to your efforts an arm-chair lobbying component, which can be done rain or shine, every day. Watch your AADC web site for additions which will include timely update of action items. The newsletter will continue to provide link-outs to specific sites and focus attention on the latest action items.

Stay tuned and stay active!

Sunny Carraway, Newsletter Editor

Membership Committee – With all this Indivisible excitement,
how is AADC doing?

Great!!! AADC membership is at an all-time high at over 150 members and, thanks to these new members and our loyal membership base, we have enough money in the bank to sponsor the Indivisible Auburn movement AND do our grass-roots AADC efforts – voter registration and outreach, events to increase the visibility of Democrats in this community, and recruit and campaign for Democratic candidates!

Another example of AADC’s strength is our Facebook page which by the time you read this will have over 500 Likes (currently at 498) – a real milestone that shows our website and our Facebook page are helping local citizens find like-minded progressives in the Auburn area so they can join us.

Thank you that you haven’t forgotten, in midst of all the Indivisible excitement, that AADC has been a force for progressive values in this community since 2004 and continues to do all the basics necessary to keep grassroots Democratic action in motion! Check out your Club’s great presence on the web via these links:
AADC web site, AADC Facebook Page

Jan Bell, AADC Membership Chair, jlb95603@yahoo.com

The Voter Registration Committee will meet on Saturday, March 4 at 9 a.m. at the Depoe Bay Coffee Company in Auburn. We will divide our group into sub- committees for the following projects: 1. Registering voters and speaking to classes at Sierra College. 2. Registering voters and making contacts with Placer High School students. 3. Putting together the “Be the Change” youth talent show at the General Gomez Center on Sept. 23, 2017. 4. Getting 550 Democrats registered in Auburn to turn Auburn Blue. 5. Registering 100 Democrats at the Auburn Home Show on Friday through Sunday, May 19 through 21, 2017.

We will have a small subcommittee responsible for each of these projects that will draw on the rest of the committee members and club members to accomplish these goals.

Paul Comiskey, chair

We have a lot of exciting projects, some new, going on and would happily welcome newcomers to the AADC to join us. If you are interested in the types of activities we have planned, please contact Paul Comiskey and indicate your area(s) of interest:

Comments and suggestions by our activists
Indivisible FB page
Social Security modification bill

A new bill that would raise the cap on Social Security FICA payroll taxes and collect more from high earners and millionaires was introduced on Friday. It would extend the life of the Social Security trust fund by 60 years. This is in the tradition of past Social Security amendments.

There have been 30 such tweaks since 1936 to accom-modate changes in our population and economy. This is a good plan, but unlikely to be supported by the Con-gressional majority unless voters on both sides of the aisle inundate their representatives and senators with demands for passage. Read this, PASS IT ON and call/write/send telegrams to McClintock (or LaMalfa), Feinstein and Harris. DEMAND THAT THEY PASS THE SOCIAL SECURITY EXPANSION ACT. Read here:
Scrapping the cap

Kathleen Newton, (916) 483-2034
AADC members: Please contact McClintock and
LaMalfa and ask them these questions…

I’ve heard that Speaker Ryan is planning to include Medicare changes – including premium support, which will end Medicare’s guaranteed benefits — in the ACA repeal and replace bill. Is this true and where do you stand on guaranteed benefits?

Do you support raising the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67? If so, how are you going to ensure that people younger than 67 can get affordable coverage that provides the same benefits as they would have had under Medicare?

Millions of seniors rely on Medicaid to pay for nursing home care. Do you support cutting Medicaid funding to states? What will happen to older Americans who need long-term care at home or in a nursing home?

Will the Republican repeal-and-replace bill maintain the same protections for people with pre-existing conditions, or will it include loopholes that allow insurers to charge through the roof?

Scott Johnson
Reaching out to Republicans…
It is important that members of the AADC, while strongly opposed to many, if not most, of President Trump’s policies, nonetheless reach out respectfully to Auburn area Republican voters to try to explain why such policies are not merely wrong from one’s own political perspective but harmful to the country and to all Americans.

Thank you,
Peter Stafford