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January 2017 AADC Newsletter

Auburn Area Democratic Club E-News
Serving Democrats of the Auburn area since 2004

AADC Presents: “Topics of Community Interest”
7 pm at the Beecher Room, Placer Co. Library, 350 Nevada St., Auburn- Free, open to all

The Auburn Area Democratic Club is an organization dedicated to informing the public and advancing democratic ideals. AADC holds open public meetings on the 1st Thursday evening of each month featuring our “Topics of Community Interest” presentations.

AADC has members from the City of Auburn and its surrounding area, including Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, North Auburn and Newcastle. Membership is $25 per year. Democrats can learn more about the Club, subscribe to our AADC monthly newsletter and join the Club at this website’s Homepage.

February. 2, 2017, 6:45 pm – Topics of Community Interest
What’s in the future for Social Security and Medicare?

Featured speakers Kathleen Newton and Carolynn Washington will describe the current structure and financing of the Social Security and Medicare systems and provide information about current Congressional legislative initiatives that may affect both programs.

Newton, who works with the National Committee to Protect Social Security & Medicare, is a former journalist and newspaper publisher. Washington is education and outreach coordinator for the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP), in Sacramento. A question-and-answer session will follow their presentation.

The free event is sponsored by the Auburn Area Democratic Club, but is open to the public. Doors open at 6:45 pm. Speakers begin at 7, after which refreshments are available during a short break. An AADC business meeting follows at 8:00pm.

We have many activities beginning in January. Be sure to bookmark our web site to get details and updates!

Wed. February 1, 1:45 pm, Visit Doug LaMalfa’s Auburn office

Thurs. February 2, 6:45 pm, AADC monthly meeting,

Sat. Februaury 4, 10:00 – 11:00 am, Tom McClintock Town Hall – Indivisible ACTION ITEM at the Tower Theater in Roseville.

Save the Date!  April 28 @ 6:00 – 9:00 pm Placer County 2017 Roosevelt Kennedy Dinner @ Orchard Creek Ballroom. More information to follow.

President’s Message – Mark Rosen
Last month I mentioned “Plan and Act” and we are making great strides following that mantra. We established our own chapter of the national Indivisible Guide movement and named it Indivisible Auburn CA. We had our first planning meeting and had an overflowing crowd of more than 80 people. We started a Facebook group with same name and it already has more than 250 members. Wow! The energy that I’m seeing is truly phenomenal. AADC is sponsoring this effort and I am grateful to have you all as the solid foundation for our citizen’s uprising against Trump’s agenda.

The next meeting on February 2 is all about action. We will learn about the threats to Social Security, Medicare and Medical, and what we can do about it. Keep your eye on Facebook and look out for email Action Alerts. I look forward to seeing you and talking more about what’s happening.

Editor’s Corner – Sunny Carraway, Editor
Auburn Area Dems are off and running for 2017!

January this year was not your usual laid-back affair. Our January meeting attracted a considerably larger than usual crowd for our off-election year strategy session. The enthusiasm for digging in and fighting hard was palpable and resulted in our committing to creating an Auburn branch of Indivisible (see Jan Bell’s intro to Indivisible). This a popular group formed by former con-gressional staffers which shares the best practices for making Congress listen.

Our challenges as a country have never been greater. Every aspect of our society is under attack, from our justice system to health care to Social Security, economy, education, voting rights, environment and ecology, public lands and many other critical areas. All the social, economic and environmental gains we have struggled to make over the last half century are at severe risk.

Now is the time for action. Each of us must make every effort to fight back wherever we can, in the most focused and efficient ways that we can. This means broadening our scope, reaching out to like-minded groups and working together at the community level to protect our hard-won gains. Joining Indivisible is an excellent way to start.

Auburn Area Democrats, meet your Delegates to the California Democratic Party for 2017-2018!

California Assembly District Elections for AD delegates to the California Democratic Party were held on Saturday and Sunday January 7 & 8. Thanks to the incredible support of AADC members, all of our AADC members and friends won election in their District.

So, if you want to provide feedback into the California Democratic Party through your AD Delegate, here’s your list and how to contact them to provide your thoughts and ideas:

Assembly District 1 – Colfax, Meadow Vista, Grass Valley, Nevada City and points east
Tomas Vera (AADC Member & AD1 Delegate), dadkind@gmail.com
Peter Minett (AADC Friend, Nevada City Democratic Club Chair & AD1 Delegate), minett@sbcglobal.net

Assembly District 5 – City of Auburn, South Auburn, Cool, Foresthill, Greenwood
Jan Bell (AADC Membership Chair & AD5 Delegate), jlb95603@yahoo.com

Assembly District 6 – Newcastle, Penryn, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville
Charlie Brown (AADC Member & AD6 Delegate), chasbrown@hotmail.com
Jan Brown (AADC Friend & AD6 Delegate), janb2006@gmail.com
Kate Scott (AADC Friend & AD6 Delegate), katerscott@mac.com
Greg Harnage (AADC Friend & AD6 Delegate), greg.harnage@gmail.com

Thank you very much to all the folks who took time out of their Saturday and Sunday to go to Roseville, Grass Valley and all the way to Jackson to cast votes for these local delegates so that this area will be represented at the state party!!!!!

Voter Registration and Outreach – Paul Comiskey, Chair

The Voter Registration Committee will meet on Saturday, February 4 from 9 to 10 a.m. at the Depoe Bay Coffee Company on High Street in Auburn. We will discuss voter registration at Sierra College, registering voters in Auburn and putting on an event for youth to encourage them to be politically engaged. We will also talk about efforts to get Placer High Students registered and engaged.

Over the past two years The Voter Registration Committee has done an amazing amount of work, but it is chronically short-handed. We desperately need volunteers, so please contact Paul Comiskey to join the effort:

Indivisible Auburn CA Group tops 115 activists!

As you may have heard, some Obama staffers have developed a guide to fight the Trump agenda using Tea Party techniques (two can play at the same game!). Our President, Mark Rosen, registered an Auburn CA group on the Indivisible website, and we’ve had one large meeting and one steering committee meeting so far, with more activism to follow.

If you want to get involved in this grass roots activist group, go to this Facebook page and sign up: Indivisible FB page

Membership Committee – Welcome 15 new members to AADC in January!  Jan Bell, Chair

We’re happy to welcome 15 new members to AADC, bringing our total membership to 123.

So if you see new faces at the upcoming Thursday February 2nd AADC meeting, say hello and welcome to our Club to:
Laura Bellino (Loomis)
Tom Blackburn (Loomis)
Barry N. Carr (Auburn)
Bruce Davis-Coury (Nevada City)
Lane Davis-Coury (Nevada City)
Laura France (Rocklin)
Richard Gold (Auburn)
Joan Jernegan (Auburn)
Marilou Kern & family (Colfax)
Shelley Marquez (Foresthill)
Sue Newman (Foresthill)
Tina Rosenblum (Auburn)
Angelia Wilson (Auburn)
Drew Woodall (Greenwood)

Solidarity March on Sacramento  Women’s March on Sacramento an
overwhelming success!

For those of you who marched with us, you know how big, peaceful and inclusive the crowd was at the January 21st Women’s March on Sacramento. It was a wonderful day, as the sun came out in time for the start of the march and until the crowd was breaking up that afternoon. No violence, only love – men, women, children, older folks, people of all colors and identities. Better than the peace marches in the 1960’s.

If this is any indication of the support we have for stopping the Trump agenda and turning back the red tide in 2018 and regain seats in all legislatures, then we just have to keep at it and NEVER STOP until he is out of the White House and our Congress is more representative of all Americans.

Keep the faith….but march, sign petitions, call your Representative, protest!!!!