Local Advocates

Join our Local Advocates team! – Leslie Warren, Local Advocates Chair

Want to make a difference in local environmental issues and local politics?  Consider joining our Local Advocates team by e-mailing our Local Advocates Chair, Leslie Warren, at advocateslead@gmail.com  Leslie will get you involved!

January 2018 Update      

Local Advocates Chair calls for progressives to RUN for local Board, Commission, Committee and Council seats throughout the County – Sign up for Placer County Public Office Candidates Workshop Saturday, February 17th and learn how to file and run your campaign!  See flyer below for details.

In 2017 we marched, in 2018 we RUN!!!!!

The Advocacy Committee organized to train AADC members and citizens to:

  1.  Guide land use development so that environmental concerns are addressed and mitigated through the planning process.  We are encouraging smart growth, ag land preservation and preservation of critical habitats for wildlife, flood control and CO2 sequestering.

  2. Field candidates for open seats on Councils, Boards, Committees and Commissions.  Some of these open seats are not elective – merely appointed positions by members of the Board of Supervisors or City Council.  However, each seat carries power and the potential to influence decision-makers toward progressive thinking.  Other seats are elective – and become the spring-boards for public office i.e. Board of Supervisors, CA Assembly, US House of Representatives /Senate.

Consider donating to our AADC Local Advocates Fund to provide the dollars we need to hire consultants and lawyers to fight to protect our rural environment here in the foothills.  Click here to become a Local Advocates DONOR.