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STOP the Muslim Ban

Tell Congress: No racist and xenophobic Muslim ban 2.0

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“Stop Donald Trump’s unconstitutional and anti-Muslim attack on refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.”

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Muslim ban 2.0 is here.

On Monday morning, Donald Trump signed another Muslim ban. Shortly after the signing, he sent Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions and John Kelly to deliver prepared statements to the press. There were no cameras at the signing, and no questions at the press conference. The whole thing reeks of the cowardice and xenophobia we’ve come to expect at every turn from this administration.

Public outrage and the federal court system combined to create the perfect storm that forced the White House to revise its incompetent, racist and reckless original order. But the new order is just more of the same, and we cannot let it stand.

We must resist.

Tell Congress: Support legislation to stop Trump’s racist and xenophobic Muslim ban. Click here to sign the petition.

The revised order no longer targets green card holders or American citizens, but it is no less discriminatory or hateful than the original. It flies in the face of American values and ignores the basic facts and realities of America’s immigration policy and national security. It both suspends our refugee resettlement program and bans men, women and children from six majority-Muslim countries – Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya – despite the fact that Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security recently reported that someone’s country of citizenship is not a reliable indicator of to whether or not they will commit acts of terrorism. 1

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals explicitly rejected the Trump administration’s pleas to reinstate the original ban on the grounds of national security. Even the court system recognized that this ban does absolutely nothing to keep Americans safe.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy is planning to revise and reintroduce legislation to “immediately overturn Trump’s hateful and dangerous executive order.”2 The first bill he introduced would withhold any funding to enforce the executive order and declare it illegal based on the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which banned discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.3 As long as immigrants, refugees and their families are under attack, we need to push our elected officials in Congress to fight back. They must reject any efforts to use xenophobia and racism to justify deportations, the suspension of civil rights or the closure of our borders. There is no room for a politics of hate and fear in our communities.

Nearly 270,000 CREDO activists joined people across the country to fight back against Trump’s first Muslim ban. Now we have to do it again. We must fight back against Trump and his racist administration’s xenophobic and illegal attempts to demonize Muslim and immigrant communities.

Speaking out publicly in massive numbers will show that we aren’t fooled by the Muslim ban 2.0 and will put pressure the craven and cowardly Republicans in Congress who have enabled Trump to date.

Tell Congress: Support legislation to stop Trump’s racist and xenophobic Muslim ban. Click this link to sign the petition:

Thank you for standing up for immigrant and refugee communities,

Tessa Levine, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets