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Money Out Voters In

Money Out Voters In

Money Out Voters In

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon and the California Senate Rules Committee allowed Assembly Member Kevin Mullin to take over the authorship of AB 249, The California Disclose Act. (Sign to say thanks.)

After the disappointments coming out of Sacramento in recent weeks and the dizzying developments elsewhere it’s good to have a victory, even a small one.

There is so much that lies between this point and passage of The Disclose Act.  We will need to stay engaged.  Special interests have managed to scuttle The Disclose Act at the bitter end of each and every legislative session for six years.   As we know, those outcomes are the result of money in politics and corporate constitutional rights.

The 12,000 petition signers who sent emails to Senator de Leon and The Rules Committee in the three days leading up to Wednesday’s vote (and they received over 1,500 phone calls) made a difference because their actions put blinking lights around AB 249.

At MOVI’s April 2014 28th Amendment Roadshow event at UCLA, Congressman Ted Lieu, who was then a California State Senator told us that the CA Legislature doesn’t hear from a single voter, not one, on 80% of the bills they consider.

It’s important to continue to focus the attention of our legislators on The Disclose Act.  The power we have is in our numbers. Can you sign the message of thanks to AB 249’s new author, ASM Kevin Mullin for championing transparency and the President Pro Tem of the Senate Kevin de Leon for doing the right thing.

Thank you for acting again today,

Michele Sutter
MOVI co founder
MOVI – Money Out Voters In